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Star lyrics

  • Artist: Pink Turns Blue
  • Album: Sonic Dust (1992)


I’ve never been innocent
I’ve always been open to it all
I’m able to fascinate
I’d like to think I’m a naughty boy
Just could escape the everyday
That I could change this my world
Just gonna be a star
As intense as childbirth
Something new rather than the past
It gives a better feeling
And it will never be the same
So why I ask those questions
Instead of just falling in love
Just gonna be a star
I wanna be wild
Just wanna be a star
But sometimes it’s a miracle
That although I know
How it feels to lose
Can deny those things
I wanna be wild
Just have to be wild
I wanna be wild
I wanna be, wanna be a star
The loss of direction
It can’t bother me, it leaves me cold
I finally left Downersville
And now there’s a few star born
A song about fighting
A song about getting entranced
About falling in love
Just falling in love
Submitted by saturninesaturnine on 2022-10-05


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