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I Will Always Dance lyrics

  • Artist: Pinocchio (OST) [2022] Featuring artist: Kyanne Lamaya
  • Album: Pinocchio (Original Soundtrack)
  • Translations: Spanish

I Will Always Dance

I may not be a ballerina
But I’ll always dance
And I may not sway in partner
But I’ll know romance
Half-human, half-marionette
I’m practicing my pirouette
I’ll move without apology
And every step will set me free
I will always dance and dream of my plié
They’ll see with just one glance
Me land a grand jeté
They’ll smile and they’ll all talk
I’ll still need help to walk
But I will always
Start with the tango and then the salsa
And there’s the rumba
And then we cha-cha-cha
The paso doble, the quickstep
The two-step, the foxtrot
Merengue, bachata, the mambo, the bomba
The plena, the samba
The kathak, kabuki and more
All you need is your feet
And a beat and the floor
You’ll find your flow
And that’s when you let go
Let it go like a child
And be free and be wild
Just do can-cans, not can’ts
Like the girls do in France
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Submitted by V.M.Bhagath SinghV.M.Bhagath Singh on 2022-09-09


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