Pinocchio (OST) - Jiminy Cricket (is the Name)


Jiminy Cricket (is the Name)

Pardon me, may I present
A little chap that no one sent
Your's truly
They tell me I'm quite unruly
On the hearth, or in the hedge,
Or maybe on your window ledge
You'll find me
I hope you won't mind me
Jiminy Cricket is the name
I'm a happy-go-lucky fellow
Always getting in wrong for singing my song
A merry old soul am I
Jiminy Cricket is the name
Got a melody, oh, so mellow
I can beedle-ee-ay, and budle-ee-ay,
And yodel away up high
I think I'm great, but some folks hate
The funny little noise I make
Tonight, I'll try a brand new break
So, sorry if you're kept awake
Yes, Jiminy Cricket is to blame
I'll be hanging around this evening
I'll be tipping my hat, and telling you that
Jiminy Cricket is the name
Submitted by Sailor PokeMoon2Sailor PokeMoon2 on Fri, 15/03/2019 - 02:27
Submitter's comments:

"Jiminy Cricket (is the Name)" is a deleted song from the animated feature Pinocchio.

The song was never meant to be sung in the film, but was instead an "exploitation song" made at the request of publisher Irving Berlin, Inc. for use in the film's promotional campaign; other songs in this category are "Honest John" and "Monstro the Whale".

A recording of the song was released on a Pinocchio song album from Decca Records around the time of the film's release, featuring Cliff Edwards performing the song as Jiminy Cricket.