Bosnian Folk - Pita Fata Halil-mejhandžiju (1) (English translation)


Pita Fata Halil-mejhandžiju (1)

Haj pita Fata aman
haj Halil-mejhandžiju
haj jel' moj Meho aman
sinoć ovdje bijo
Haj jeste bijo aman
Mehagince mlada
pred sabah je malo rahat bijo
haj od meraka aman
sahane razbijo
Haj još rek'o
ko za Mehu pita
nek uzalud za Mehom ne skita
haj i sam dođe aman
kad ga merak prođe
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English translation

Fata asks Halil the innkeeper (1)

Haj, Fata asks, aman1
Halil the innkeeper
haj, Halil the innkeeper
haj was my Meho, aman
last night here?
Haj, he was, aman
young Mehaginca2
before morning he was barely at ease
haj from delight3, aman
[he] smashed the plates
Haj he also said
whoever asks about Meho
let them not straggle after Meho
haj and he came back by himself
when the delight let him be
  • 1. Both "haj" and "aman" are expressions often found in Bosnian folk songs with no translatable meaning
  • 2. i. e. the wife of Meho
  • 3. "Merak" is another word that is hard to translate. It also means desire for something, craving, passion, pleasure, pleasant mood...
Kadija te tuži, kadija ti sudi
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