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  • Artist: Booba
  • Song: Pitbull
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Coming to extract Excalibur from its stone,
By 6:45, I'm tarred and feathered.
It all starts in the playground:
Malabar*, Choco BN**, "dirty black!", my generation,
An only child, with no problems, except at home.
Life caught me from behind without asking me any questions.
I love one woman, she who breastfed me,
Taught me to behave myself, to differentiate between men and dogs,
They tell me "you're rabid, let go or I'll stab you."
Females in heat, don't come near me, or I'll fuck you.
I grew up, I died, all in silence.
Crucified on a caravel***, under the eternal eye of a shooting star.
In this shambles, those who come last will be the victors.
My rhymes touch your heart, right in the breastbone.
The life of a man, the death of a child,
With royal blood in his veins, coming first in sport and singing.
[Refrain] x2
Arms raised, head high, I dreamed I would die in combat
I don't want to die onstage
Heaven knows, we bleed under our hoods.
How can I not be a pitbull when life's a bitch?
My first spliff, my first bottle
"Wealth is in our hearts", my ass! I want some cash!
Sometimes, getting money leads to slaughter.
It doesn't matter if the mother wants to tour the world,
The little human race is evil.
I came, I saw, I conquered these dogs, their tails between their legs.
And I always have tears in my eyes, my heart is numb.
Tell them that I am black and white, 100% bountykiller,
Talented, but you'll never be in my class.
On the highest throne of the world, you can only sit on your own ass.
Sometimes, I dope myself like a professional cyclist.
When my scars wake up, I feel so alone and so sad
Lyricists agree, God created me for this.
Sisi, hanging mood, Mississippi mood,
I unchain myself, on the microphone it's Amazonia:
Natives in the chromosomes, cities of gold, my promised land
[Refrain] x2
I am where I am, despite many mistakes,
I'm too ahead of my time to ask what the time is
Step by step, with firm feet, without knowing where I'm going,
I often looked for shit, I always found it,
In front of the teachers, I pulled faces, while smoking my joint
Because they said in class that humans are descended from monkeys
My life, pitbull
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i hope this translation was useful to you. use it wherever, i don't mind.
i write evocative translations rather than precise ones so this might not be "word for word" but at least it will be pretty
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Author's comments:

*Malabar = french chewing gum
**Choco BN = brand of chocolate biscuits marketed at kids
***caravel = type of Portuguese ship used to explore the African coast



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