A Place Called Slaughter Race (German) (English translation)

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A Place Called Slaughter Race

Vanellope: Why does this place look so wonderful to me?
Because cars turn and squeak? What can it be?
Am I going to soar up soon like this baby pigeon?
That feels cheesy to me!
Hey, cool! A Dollar Store!
Look! I'm singing and rhyming and jumping
And a fog of tear gas attracts
Me forwards to Slaughter Race
Shank: Hey, how's it going? Watch out,
Because here you'll straightly fall apart!
Other: You can take many things!
Vanellope: I think that guy has stolen something!
Shank: Here there are
Other: Rotten walls, tons of fire, horror clowns and burning fires
Shank: The sewers abound in sharks
Who like to break free once in a while
Vanellope: Flicker!
Other: Dogs and cats make me like crazy [?]
A license plate fits well with them
Do you find us so nasty too?
Vanellope: No, you're sweet to cuddle though!
Shank: We're weird, I'll admit that,
But we're a nice crew!
Other: And a tattoo would fit on there!
Slaughter Race
Vanellope: I'm racing away and, wow, it's fantastic!
It looks like being in a fairy tale!
Shank: Your grin almost goes from one ear to the other
Vanellope: I swish away
Shank: And by the way
Vanellope: I'm so cool
Shank: And totally free
Vanellope: Now it's going to start
Shank: And not just a little
Shank & Vanellope: In Slaughter Race!
Vanellope: I should go now
But here it's so beautiful
It almost seems like a dream
Other: A beautiful dream, not a horror clown dream
Vanellope: What might Ralph say if I just stay here? Shall I stay here in Slaughter Race?
I'll stay here in Slaughter Race!
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A Place Called Slaughter Race (German)

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