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Plan Nord

The government decided to lose its mind
For diamonds, silver and gold
It pretends to live in a free country
But they ignore that nature is our perfect equilibrium
Too much consummation for some material possessions
We're losing our minds, and those issues are real
You take advantage of the earth to fulfill your own desires
Without even noticing that it keeps us all alive
You want to make a single generation benefit from it
But these lands feed a whole population
You want to uproot all of Northern Quebec
But someday you'll understand that you can't eat money...
Don't worry, I get it, it's a matter of business
You rule over a territory filled with natural resources
Better not try to make me believe that you own it
Actually, it's thanks to it we breathe every morning
I stand for my nation through art
And in their name I announce you that the nation has had enough
But we know all about your politics, you're obsessed
Wherever there's some fresh air left, you have to own it
You even turn our food chain upside down
Comfortable in your seats on the Parliament Hill
You think you're going to change the world with this new bill
But someday you'll understand that you can't eat money...
On this land I have seen the most beautiful rivers
But your mines gave the fish cancer
Our natural resources are rapidly running out
And all of this so we can go and live next to concrete towers
Rivers are drying up, trees are falling down
The avaricious ones are delighted, because the value of the dollar is going up
The slaves of money won't have any in their graves
We all make mistakes, but if I were them I'd be ashamed
It's going to be everyone's concern when the Earth comes to its end
I just want to remind you, that you're making a big mistake
I'm being honest with you, I'm disappointed with your politics
But someday you'll understand that you can't eat money...
On this land there are wise people
Locked up in your reserves, prisoners of your actions
Who watch over this territory since the beginning of times
Because we've been living on these lands for more than ten thousand years
Did you think about the people living in those forests?
You miscalculated the consequences of your project
This land is fragile, wild and Indian
As rich and fertile as an African land
We can't own it, this land raised us up
We have to protect it, it's the mother of mankind
The Plan Nord is based on a single generation
I speak up against in the name of the entire nation!
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Author's comments:

This song is about the 'Plan Nord', a project from the Quebec government to develop the North of Quebec and create new jobs. Many people (including Samian) don't agree with this, because most jobs are actually given to private enterprises, and also because it will destroy the land there. There are many Indian reserves there, and Samian comes from one; this is another reason why he is opposed to the Plan Nord.


Plan Nord

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