Play dumb

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Play dumb (English) — When someone pretends not to know anything about a certain situation, usually to avoid trouble

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Play dumb — Παιξ' το βλάκας

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Translations of "Play dumb"

EnglishPlay stupid
Germanden Dummen spielen
Italianfare il finto tonto
Polishrżnąć głupa
RussianВалять дурака
Spanishhacerse el tonto
TurkishAptalı oynamak

"Play dumb" in lyrics

If she can't work with all of me then she say she done with me
You say that you over me you always end up under me
You know how it goes
don't be crazy, don't play dumb with me
Don't start with yo shit
I put you back in yo place

Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone

I'm fucking this cash up, I’m not celibate
I'm packin' it up like a reverend
I need all this cash, I got hella kids
I'ma play dumb and get left in the middle
Back the fuck up, you too little
Hit 'em with three like I'm Miller

Travis Scott - Pick Up The Phone

Ah Come Come Come Come Nan Desuka Sakura
Like the moment when sakura bloom
The pedals of love will soon fall
If your lips miss me, Don't play dumb and kiss me, let them come home

*Swing like the cartoon characters. We will glow when we are in love.

Aaron Kwok - Para Para Sakura

All you see is Remy Boyz, you know my niggas everywhere
And if somebody got a problem, we could meet up anywhere
Now go say something
Don't you niggas play dumb
You know where we came from
You don't want sauce, no A1

Fetty Wap - 679

Break away! Dear ineffective writer
You're a filthy liar! You're a filthy liar!
Don't play dumb! Did you make up a story?
You're very very evil Mr.Trouble Maker!

Janne Da Arc - Mr. Trouble Maker

The faint tip of the brush drew the outlines of the window and lost its way to its destination

The smell of the cigarette you smoked burned in your chest
"What was that about a kiss?" your eyes seemed to play dumb

Your sadness cast a shadow like a pond.

Galileo Galilei - Kite

Break away! dear ineffective writer
You're a filthy liar! you're a filthy liar!
Don't play dumb! did you make up a story?
You're very very evil mr.trouble maker!

Janne Da Arc - Mr. Trouble Maker

We show off our different scarlet letters
Trust me, mine is better
We're so young, we're on the road to ruin
We play dumb we know exactly what we're doing
We cry tears of mascara in the bathroom
Honey life is just a class room

Taylor Swift - New Romantics

I'ma show ya somethin new (Baby)
And we can do what you really wanna do (What!)

Don't play dumb you know you wanted to
fill my cup, that's what we came to do
I'm no monster keep that in your head

Megan McCauley - Tap That

I got a secret, I'm telling everyone
Don't wanna keep it, I wanna play dumb
I made a promise I think I'm ready to break
Its just a question there's nothing wrong or right

Emily Osment - Truth Or Dare

Spune-mi că n'am nimic de spus
F-U-C-K U!

Tell me it’s better to play dumb
Tell me the dawn will never come
But I don't care, I’ll steal the sun

VoltaJ - I Wanna Be Free

they're major joke is, that they collect the badges.
Scientific snobs of the first kind,
with their knowledge Apollo 13 they bring down,
I'm watching everything with wisdom, I play dumb,
I know that I don't know, so I just keep quiet.

Dead Fish - I Know That I Don't Know

Could wake up
In make up,
And play dumb
Pretending that I need a boy
Who's gonna treat me like a toy

Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty

Oh, crimes of passion
Give me so much satisfaction

Don't play dumb with me, I know you know the score
I wait impatiently, tonight I'm yours
Show you what it's like to have your cake and eat it too

Madonna - Crimes Of Passion

Like a comedy show

What happened with that news
Don’t play dumb, reporter
Peddling pieces of me
At most will lead to this

The Pillows - Phantom Pain

‘Cause everybody knows I’m nice like that

Now what’s it’s gonna be, you dirty piece of scum?
You’d better make the right choice or are you gonna play dumb?
‘Cause your ignorance has got me biting my tongue
I’m so sick of you and your snake venom

Jedward - Oh Hell No

oh yes yes yes yes

I have it in my head
Sometimes I play dumb
It's easy to fall for my style
oh yes yes yes yes

Tijana Stojić - Blushing

we don't have enough to buy a bread
they celebrate every weekend
we have a proof that they
still play dumb

My Bosnia is from

Frenkie - Let's Bring Them Down

And always come out the one
That's on top

I never play dumb
To get what I want
And always come out the one

Christina Aguilera - Bobblehead

And that's what happens when they make evil good
Or good to be evil, too much deception on our people
And the ones we call sheep all roam in packs
Know the type to play dumb when confronted with facts
They don't wanna know they truth, they'd rather be fed lies
So the blind leads the blind while humanity declines

Stand Tall - Ghostryder

Honey, we don't play these games here,
you don't have a chance to have me as your next pet[fn]literally, sheep, meaning that he's not as stupid to go after her[/fn],
you have to excuse me, but you got it wrong here,
I can't play dumb.[fn]literally, a headless fly - saying, used to describe a person who doesn't have a scope and just wanders around, not being able to start doing something[/fn]
You finished your cartridges, you blew out your balloons by yourself[fn]both of them mean that she lost her chances, and it was her fault[/fn]
and I think you run out of tokens for this game,

Santra - In Your Honour

You pretend to believe her
'Cause in the end, you can't leave her
But the end it will come
Still you have to play dumb
'Til you're glum and you bum and turn blue
Why do we love when she's mean?

Jonathan D. Larson - Tango Maureen

is not easy
for you to control or reside in
Do not act smart
And play dumb
My heart is not one to be deceived

Nancy Ajram - Go Away Kiddo

I'll make you know your position
Don't talk, just shut up and listen
No way out, now you can't play dumb
Get up get up and come get some

Egypt Central - Taking You Down

You can't and you know why?
I'm just like your mother

Play dumb, play dead
Trying to manipulate

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

Sing, we're already inside
We're always making a living
We don't play dumb at the sight of the morning.
You swallow, we don't.

Prau - Music, Word and Movement

but you keep pulling her away, you found another trick

I've fallen in love with your sister, I'm not playing
Scoot over, don't play dumb

Melisses - The Chinese man

Vagina's where you're really from
(Where you from? Where you from?)
(Where you from? Where you from?)
Don't play stupid, don't play dumb
Vagina's where you're really from
(Where you from? Where you from?)

Pussy Riot - Straight Outta Vagina

they take it off our budget.
While we can't even afford bread,
they celebrate every weekend,
We have proofs, but they still play dumb.

Frenkie - Let's take 'em down

Paint my heart today like a rainbow

That's M and A and G and I and C
Don't play dumb, don't be afraid (a soft mind)
Count one and two and three and four
No conjurer can copy this, it's our own magic

Toshinobu Kubota - Magic (M☆A☆G☆I☆C)

Trust me, mine is better

We're so young but we're on the road to ruin
We play dumb but we know exactly what we're doing
We cry tears of mascara in the bathroom
Honey, life is just a classroom

Taylor Swift - Romantics

Your parents abandoned you
But you love those humans
Man,<fn>more like saying "dude" or "guy"</fn>man, don't play dumb with me
Maui, it's time to kick your bum.

SilentRebel83 - Coconut Crab

But you can't be hard on the lovers
Can't be too quick to judge
It's hard to choose the right thing to do when you're so in love
Your heart and your mind play dumb like when you were still young

Don't look for reason to blame

The Growlers - Hiding Under Covers

Goodbye to the dear old mum
Mummified on gin and rum
Smile and wave and just play dumb
Goodbye to the crown

Chumbawamba - Farewell to the Crown

Still stand for you though I'm dead!
Baby why can't you see?
Don't play dumb and bleed
Cause you don't wanna be dead like me! x6

Ragdolls - Dead Like Me

Because someday this lethal trap is going to open up,
but until then, you'll carry a shadow in your face
And stop taking pride on being a normal human being,
don't play dumb anymore, because your fault names you

And I'm telling you: "Hey, bear with that fault!

Charly García - Bear with that fault

I'll be the boy in the corduroy pants,
You be the girl at the high school dance.
Run with me wherever I go
And just play dumb, whatever you know.

Oh, yeah, you wreck me, baby

Tom Petty - You Wreck Me

Stand still, don’t get pissed
you can’t even take a joke…
Old of a herder,
you started to play dumb.

Rush to make your own war,

Piero Marras - Out-field

I'll give you some bucks and you do the scab.

Please Mr Postman
don't play dumb and give it to me
a letter, a postal
or else I'll start crying.

El Cuarteto de Nos - Please Mr Postman

If you're way beyond that
Then I'm gonna dust you off of my shoulders

I don't wanna play dumb anymore
I just wanna feel something like before
I don't wanna feel numb anymore

Bastille - Way Beyond

As a child, loving
As a an adult, hating

I'd rather play dumb
So I don't find myself so alone
Only a noise like a river

Mon Laferte - The Night of the Day It Rained in Summer

I'll never be scared about dying again

Let's get on with living while we can
And not play dumb
Death's gonna come
When it does, screw the nerves

Falsettos (Musical) - You Gotta Die Sometime

but it's a taboo to tell them.

Ask your husband
and he'll play dumb
tell your wife,
and you won't see her again.

Jorge de la Vega - Things are happening