Pluck up your courage

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Pluck up your courage (English) — To act brave/show courage

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Translations of "Pluck up your courage"

FrenchPrendre son courage à deux mains
GermanSich ein Herz fassen
ItalianPrendere il coraggio a due mani

"Pluck up your courage" in lyrics

Depends on you.

If it’s beating about the bush in life,
Pluck up your courage,
Make a song out of every story,
At top speed, to the illusion.

El sueño de Morfeo - It Depends On You

The sky barks, a storm descends
Pluck up your courage, believe in yourself
It goes on
Nothing tastes as good as danger

Eisbrecher - Storm Voyage


It’s time to move!
to pluck up your courage.
You say, it shouldn't cause us to be scattered apart
But your words to me

Bok Van Blerk - It's Time To Go!