Pogledaj dom svoj anđele (English translation)

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Look At Your Home, Angel

Look at your home, angel,
and remove the spider web from your eyes
you will see soul-stirring sights
you will see the unfortunate and sick
you will see distress, death and misery
Look at your flock, angel,
only crippled and beggars
blindmen wandering in a crowd
everybody's spines broken
from you they expect salvation
Look at the rabble, angel,
their soul's been cursed
they put reins on everyone
built shrines for themselves
their hands are bloody
Raise your sword, angel
remember the crusades
remember the jugulated
when you stand in front of God
may peace reign in your soul
Answer the prayers, angel
may the fiends drop dead, so help me God,
so be an angel of revenge
let them feel on their own skin
what poverty, fear and pain mean
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Pogledaj dom svoj anđele

lymer5lymer5    Thu, 06/03/2014 - 14:20

Perfect translation.

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