Poker face

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Морда кирпичом

Meanings of "Poker face"


撲克臉(Poker face)最初起源於玩撲克牌賭博的人。因為每個人都想猜測誰手裡的牌好,誰手裡的牌差。所以大家都儘量保持面無表情,以免被人看出蛛絲馬跡輸掉賭局。因此打撲克牌的人面無表情,就成為一個詞語Poker face。專門形容人面無表情的狀態。

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an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person's thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Poker, a game of cards is best played by one who does not give away the status of their hand (of cards).

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Explained by St. Sol

Ein unbewegtes Gesicht, das keine Gefühlsregung widerspiegelt.

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"Poker face" in lyrics

Taemin - Pinocchio

My lies which ever deceived me
With a poker face
I'm used to it

Orelsan - Christophe

[Verse: Master Gims]
Black glasses, poker face, I'm laying carpet
Stop pissing Bernard Tapie off

Sukima Switch - Golden Time Lover

The perfect golden time
Seize it with those hands
With the poker face of all
Finish them at ease

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
(Mum mum mum mah)
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
(Mum mum mum mah)

Vaya Con Dios - I Don't Want to Know

I don't want to know

A smile breaks on your poker face
Tells me you're gonna throw the Ace of Spades

Nego do Borel - Number

What you need is the peroba's eye.
on your poker (wooden) face
Poker face!

AC/DC - The Jack

Poker face was her name
Poker face was her nature
Poker straight was her game

CircusP - Last of Me

I’m a broken frame
I’m just fun and games
I’ll keep my poker face
and won’t leave a trace

Lady Gaga - Πρόσωπο Πόκερ

Δεν μπορείς να,
Δεν μπορείς να,
Όχι δεν μπορεί να διαβάσει το πρόσωπο πόκερ μου<fn>Το Poker face (=πρόσωπο πόκερ) είναι όρος που δημιουργήθηκε από το πόκερ, σημαίνει όταν κάποιος έχει αινιγματικό πρόσωπο και δεν μπορεί κανείς να καταλάβει τα συναισθήματα του. Το poker face ευνοεί τους παίκτες πόκερ γιατί έτσι δεν καταλαβαίνουν οι αντίπαλοι τους εάν έχουν ή όχι καλό φύλλο και πότε μπλοφάρουν.</fn>
(μ' έπιασε όπως κανένας άλλος)

Superfly - Soul Revolution

It's Soul Revolution

Sometimes I'm too sensitive, but keep a poker face
It's true that at times, "Out of the mouth comes evil"

MARETU (GokuakuP) - Mind Brand (JubyPhonic Ver.)

The memories we made of you and me, l couldn't fight

Poker face but the lies you buried deep were found
Run away but there will be blood to go around

CHERRSEE - White Shirt

What should I do with these feelings?!
No doubt that I'm fallin' in love
But like always, poker face

Huncho Jack - Where U From

See this life when you make this wave
Du-rag life, shit laid
Poker face, in and out my place
When you play that high stakes

Girls' Generation-TTS - Holler

It’s the same story, a typical ending
Why are you hiding yourself under that shining poker face?
Knock knock, open wide the door to your heart

Hellions - Hellions

You know we really mean it
So when we say you’re fake, you ain't gonna say nothing
We see your poker face but ain't none of us bluffing

Lady Antebellum - Heart Break

I think it's time to take a heart break
It's just a little phase, give me a little space
You might see through it, but I'm putting on a poker face
Give a love a rest, between my ex, and my next

Orelsan - Christophe

[Couplet 3 : Maître Gims]
Lunettes noires, poker face, j'pose tapis
Arrêtez d'faire chier Bernard Tapie

Rowland S. Howard - Shivers

She makes me feel so ill at ease
My heart is really on its knees
But I keep a poker face so well
That even mother couldn’t tell

Miryo - Rock Paper Scissors (가위 바위 보)

I don’t care what your cards are
I’ll keep a poker face
I’m gonna eat you all up,

Gacharic Spin - Lock On!!

Toying with an INNOCENT

Making the first move, I’ll search — POKER FACE You’re looking at skill
Like a MISSILE, tonight, with you—