Valentino (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Ponekad noću dok spava grad (English translation)

English translation

Sometimes at night when the city sleeps

Sometimes at night, when the city's asleep
You quietly crawl (lit. sail) onder my blanket
In your eye awakes a precious stone
and you bring a warm wind with you
Sometimes at night the dream won't come
And a small lamb crawls next to me
And asks (me) quietly, as quiet as possible
'Are we the same as we once were?'
And I love you the most
I love you the craziest (also means the strongest)
My most most beautiful songs
Are written for you
Sleep peacefully, sweetheart (lit. dove)
The sky whispers: 'don't be afraid'
Your apricot (tasting) lips
I will never give to anyone else
And when the planet ends
Everyone goes crazy and hurries somewhere
I will always be near you
While our tears keep on existing
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Ponekad noću dok spava grad

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