Orquesta Mondragón - Ponte peluca (English translation)

English translation

Wear a wig

Everyone will have their hair fallen
sooner or later the fall will come
some in the cradle are losing it,
some others are waitin in the grave
Wear a wig, wear a wig now
If you lose your hair it's normal
trees lose their leaves too
don't worry about such foolness
but if you want to get cured of that
Wear a wig, wear a wig now
When you speak on the radio
don't worry baby, they won't note it
Jump to the waves young and bold
they won't see your baldness
Wear a wig, wear a wig now
We will all die anyway
without hair, teeth, maybe nor flesh
it would be funny, you won't see it
you'll be hairless in the eternity
and there won't be a wig, there won't be a wig now
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Ponte peluca

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