Ponyphonic - The Moon Rises


The Moon Rises

[Princess Luna]
Now the hour has come at last
The soft and fading light
Has crossed the west horizon
And has bidden us goodnight
And what a lovely night it is
To walk a moonlit field
To see the softer shades
That are by starlight now revealed
So why is it that now
When all is quiet and at rest
When candles glow and all the world
Is at its very best
The ponies of Equestria
Should lock themselves away
To shun the moon and wait instead
For Sister's sunny day?
In umbra Luna est
[Princess Luna]
Am I so wrong to wish that they
Would see things like I do?
And am I so wrong to think
That they might love me too?
Why shouldn't they adore me?
Is it not within my right?
I'll not be overshadowed!
Mine is not the lesser light!
I've waited long enough now
For them all to come around
And though the Sun may plead and threaten,
The Moon will stand her ground
It comes to this at last
I will no longer yield the sky
If they cannot love but one princess alone
See, the Moon is rising
She has come to claim the heavens for her own
And all will know the wonder
Of my dark and jeweled sky
When all the world is wrapped in
An eternal lullaby
So say goodnight to this
The final setting of the sun
[Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon]
Tomorrow dawns in darkness
The nighttime has...
[Nightmare Moon]
[Nightmare Moon]
[evil laughter]
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