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Por su amor (English translation)

  • Artist: Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) Featuring artist: KURT
  • Song: Por su amor
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For Her Love

What a man would stop doing
Or what agreement he wouldn't breach
What he wouldn't say
Or what he wouldn't give
Which forbidden path
He wouldn't walk
There's no high risk
He wouldn't take
Flying across clouds, no money
(For her love)
Painting her name on a tram
(For her love)
He'd go to Mars, just like that
(For her love)
He'd find out meanings
What he wouldn't try
To get over
His deepest fears
Which might betray him
There's not enough trying
(For her love)
She's the light under the moon
(For her love)
Amassing wealth little by litte, saving up
For her love
He'll win her adoration
And with all my strenght
(For her love)
Energy and willpower
(For her love)
I'll even give her the sun and the sea
(For her love)
I'll fly up to the sky and beyond
(For her love)
Among heavenly bodies in the solar system
(For her love)
And I'll try to decipher, I'll try to decipher the lines of Mars
What a man wouldn't try
To get over
(For her love)
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Por su amor

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