Porque Te Marchas (English translation)

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Porque Te Marchas

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I need to face myself and see the reality
Understand that the stars up high can not be touched
That the light that illuminated this dream can not be seen anymore
And love for over a huge and intense day can end
It gives fear that, that you'll leave
And abandon all the things that will not return
not return again
Now what can I say?
If I no longer have words
I don't need to die to understand that it is for you that my soul goes out for
Now what can I say?
If I tell my pillow
That I am tired of hearing to be silent and wait
of biting my desires
I recognize your back, like a coward of marches
Tomorrow when you cross that door I don't want to see you anymore
And in your suitcases take all the things that don't belong in my life
And don't think I'll stay up for your vanity
For love I have played all life and I continue to play
I swear, I lack you
In all those things where you are no longer at
And they are no longer here, never
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Porque Te Marchas

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