Sandro (Argentina) - Porque yo te amo (English translation)

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because i love you

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because of this heart beat
that has your look
i do have a felling that
you need to suffer
the same way i did
because of this situation
that outshine the mind
that doesn't allow to think
i need to finish
this single drama
that exists between the two of us
trying to simulate
just a friendship
while in the reality
passion becomes agitated
that bites a heart
that obligates to shut up
i love you,i love you
your lips crimson
from a ruby
seems like they mutter
thousand things without talking
and i am here
and sit in front of you
i feel like i'm bleeding
i can not talk
i try to speak out
but maybe it's better this way
i'll go away from here
so that we'll never see each other again
what more will i get
i know i'll suffer
but in the end i'll need to
calm down my heart
and in the end i'll be able to scream
i love you i love you
i love you more then all the things in the world
i love you
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Porque yo te amo

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