Julma-Henri & Syrjäytyneet - Porthaninkatu (English translation)

English translation

Porthan street

Porthaninkatu [1], studio, individual
Don't trust no one
So you will never get hurt (never)
I do it sometimes,
but not today,
maybe tomorrow
But not today (not today)
Sometimes trembling
and humility while high (of some drugs)
Scratched to the wall of the elevator
Never again
Learn via examples,
That is me
Mom analyzes my behavior with worries,
I try to be nice,
I analyze my behavior (like that)
The only one who comes from there
But in the world of normals
so lost,
If only I wouldn't deviate from other
Fuck, at this age
One wants acceptance
Am I behind or in front,
And I ask from whom?
Porthan street (4x)
Dreams were only dreams after all (no shit)
On the other side of the fence, stupid illusions
One would like to be undisturbed
While only wanting to figure out what I would want
I always need someone to put my hope to
As without that hope there is no (there is no)
and without that hope
you have no energy to live in this shit
Hope that I reach my destination,
Makes me continue
Many times I have put my hope
to some person and realized that
Fuck, this is not working after all
And every time it hurts me similarly, it
is fucking tough to continue again (Again)
When you start to adapt, to be let down
You start to get cynical
So far I have made it
Hope has not been lost - Hope is on you
Sick leave, crazy (/sick) vacation
Life is a game
I watch it from the crowd (I'm not there)
Too few advisors
Too many drinks [2] (still one)
Does he feel like crying too much
or why in the fuck is he laughing?
Only one being sover
In this group feels
like being the only one
Who is using drugs (fucking hell)
Lonely to be one of these
or one of them, that's enough as reason (Whatever)
Who has the energy for this world as sober
And why would you have? (why?)
Likes too much of dreams,
While being awake disgusting reality dominates
In dreams watching the success from a mirror
While awake a drug addict
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Author's comments:

[1] Porthaninkatu, street in the district of Kallio in Helsinki

[2] literally the word neuvoa antava = giving advice, slang for a drink (alcohol)



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