Yiannis Kotsiras - Pos ta pernao( Πώς τα περνάω) (English translation)


Pos ta pernao( Πώς τα περνάω)

Έχω σπίτι, έχω αμάξι
μια δουλειά εντάξει
μια χαρά μια χαρά
Βγαίνω, πίνω
και λουλούδια
ρίχνω στα τραγούδια
όλα μια χαρά μια χαρά.
Παίρνω ρούχα στις εκπτώσεις
άτοκες χρεώσεις
μια χαρά μια χαρά
Πάω ακόμα και ψηφίζω
ρίχνω άσπρο βγαίνει γκρίζο
μα όλα μια χαρά μια χαρά.
Με ρωτάς
πώς τα περνάω
Τι ρωτάς
πώς να περνώ
Πολεμώ και δε νικάω
αφού εσύ δεν είσαι δίπλα μου εδώ.
Πήρα σπίτι κι επιπλώσεις
μια ζωή οι δόσεις
μια χαρά μια χαρά
Φεύγω Κυριακές
και στις εθνικές κολλάω
μα όλα μια χαρά μια χαρά.
Submitted by Lia Iancu on Thu, 06/08/2015 - 11:35
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English translation

How I spend

I have house, I have car
A job all right
All right all right
I go out, I drink
And I hurl flowers
to the songs
Everything's all right all right
I'm shopping clothes in the sales
free interest rates
all right all right
I also vote
I drop white and turns out grey
but everything's all right
You ask me
How I spend
Why are you asking
How I spend
I'm fighting and I don't win
because you are not here with me
I bought a house and furnishings
a whole live the doses
all right all right
I'm leaving on Sundays
I'm comming back
and I stuck on the road
but everything's all right, all right
Submitted by Katerinach13 on Thu, 06/08/2015 - 12:15
Added in reply to request by Lia Iancu
Author's comments:

I've tried to do my best because the song is full with greek idioms. I hope you understand the meaning...

Lia Iancu    Fri, 07/08/2015 - 11:30

Thank you. Regular smile
Maybe you can explain this idioms, cause I can't really identify them. I mean, "και λουλούδια ρίχνω στα τραγούδια" is an expression or it means nothing more than you've translated?

Katerinach13    Fri, 07/08/2015 - 12:55

In greece when you go to some places with live music you can order flowers and hurl them to the singer. This means that you like the singer! If you want anything else please tell me Regular smile