Post-Scriptum (English translation)

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I move away from you, with a deaf anger
The body, the hands, the thought
And I erase it, secret, one by one
The lit candles of your wind
Free, I put the body on its place
I wear the city, I comb a thirsty river
I think I win and I run, and I don't understand
I think I sleep, but I don't get time
And the emptiness sets over my belly
And the nostalgia in its sustenance follows
And I say, this addiction on your eyes of mine
Such a slow, very slow green
If I think I leave you, I already want you
If you think I refuse, I already long for you
If I think I hate you, I already wait for you
And I offer you again what I fear
If I think I shut up, I already scream at you
If I think I hide, I already offer myself
If I think I don’t feel, it’s because I lie
And I say, this addiction on your eyes of mine
If I think you look at me, I shudder
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