Tublatanka - Pravda víťazí! (English translation)

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Truth Wins!

Versions: #1#2
1. The world is different than I used to think:
The world's sadly real!
Hollow people want to rule it,
Laugh in our eyes,
No truth fits them.
2. The world is afraid of hollow people:
They get into the soul
When it defends itself,
Knife against the throat they put -
No truth fits them!
Even so, it is never to be killed,
It will never die!
It lives even if they do not want it,
And no one who faces it will get away.
Truth wins out,
No matter what an epoch is proceeding
Or what amount of almighty
money shine;
Truth wins out,
Unless you betray it yourself.
Truth always wins,
3. The hollow people have nothing for it but
To melt truth in wine,
And the whole world's just waiting
Until their time will be up:
No one such truth fits!
Even so, it is never to be killed,
It will never die!
It lives even if they do not want it,
And no one who faces it will get away.
Truth wins out,
No matter what an epoch is proceeding
Or what amount of almighty
money shine;
Truth wins out,
Unless you betray it yourself.
Truth always wins,
Truth wins out,
No matter what an epoch is proceeding,
Truth always wins,
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Pravda víťazí!

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denovav    Tue, 27/08/2013 - 20:12

Can you explain the video for me?
I mean, I know I can recognize many familiar faces (Hitler and Stalin for instance) but many more faces and I guess important people for this part of Czech and Slovakian history are depicted in the video as well.
I'll appreciate it thanks!

denovav    Tue, 27/08/2013 - 20:14

Can you explain the video to me?
I mean, I can recognize some familiar faces (Hitler and Stalin for instance), yet many more people are depicted in the video, and I guess they are important for Czech and Slovakian history.
What is it all about?

Cucci    Wed, 28/08/2013 - 06:25

All I know, I've already stated in my comment to the song. I'm neither a Slovak nor a Chech, I've never even been to these countries, so I don't have any right to discuss their political history affairs. And besides, the political conjuncture can change in any minute, and those political celebrities who are now associated with something evil, will probably be pronounced powerful heroes tomorrow! Just be sure that rock music has always been of liberty beliefs, and barricades of any stripe have always attracted rock musicians as these people with heightened sense of justice just can't show indifference when somebody proclaiming struggling for liberty are being beaten by the authorities. (Even though some of these musicians are not really sure if the rioters indeed are the 'good' guys and the regime they oppose, the 'bad' ones).

zanzara    Fri, 24/04/2015 - 09:04

Just as in the text of the song: lies by force imposed totalitarian regimes - of the Nazi, of the Soviet - give allways at the end place to freedom and truth.
Here some explanations to the photographs in a chronological order:

Rise of Czechoslovakia and first Republic 1918-1938
1'37"-1'41" Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk - first President
1'54"-1'57" Masaryk with Edvard Beneš, second president (1936) after Masaryk (on the beginning)

Second World War
1'10"-1'15" Nazis in Chechoslovakia 1938-1945
0'42"-0'50" 1944-5 war in Czechoslovakia
0'51"-0'53" probably Slovak National Uprising 1944 (or Czech Legionists in 1918?)
1'25" Czech Mobilisation
0'53"- 1'08" Red Army in Chechoslovakia
1'09" Stalin (stalinists falsify elections in Czechoslovakia in 1948)
2'22"-2'32" reconstruction after II War and seizure of power by the communists

1968 Prague Spring
0'40" Dubček - reformer of the Czechoslovak communist party in 1968 (program: "socialism with a human face")
1'27" "With Svoboda (president of Czechoslovakia) to freedom"
1'10" a summit conference of the Warsaw Pact

1968 - Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
0'02"-0'08"; 30"-40"; 1'28-1'30"; 2'07"-2'22" tanks of the Warsaw Pact on the streets of Prague and other czech cities
0'10"-0'18" banners for freedom and demonstrations in support of Dubček
0'22"-0'26", 0'30" Removing of the signposts to impede orientation of the foreign armies
1'31"-1'36"; 3'01-3'07" Czechoslovak police suppress protests against the invasion
2'53"-3'00" "Here Russian invaders killed 17 years old girl"

1969-1971 "Normalization" - suppression of reform and the resistance, restauration of the old socialistic regime till 1989
1'42"-1'52"; 2'40" Gustáv Husák leader of "normalization" and communistic president after Svoboda
2'45"-2'48" judicial persecution of reformists and opposition
3'12"-3'15" process of Dubček
3'30"-3'34" 1987 opposition banners in Slovakia - "20 years of normalization is a time of stagnation" and "communists lie."
3'40"-4'04" manifestations for democratization of public life

1989 Velvet Revolution
4'02"-4'10" honoring of Dubček
4'11" Karel Kryl, exiled poet and singer in concert in Prague during the Velvet Revolution
4'12"-4'48" demonstrations and joy after the collapse of the socialist regime

Cucci    Tue, 12/05/2015 - 06:24

Have you seen that?! Each second of the history, shot by shot, the true West Slav knows by heart! Weren't some shouting at the top of their voice that we Russians were nationalists, 'Ruscists', things like that?! A typical Russian would most likely not remember even own grandparents, all the more the national history... See? Who are nationalists after all? ;-)

Slovakia    Mon, 10/03/2014 - 19:41

Svet je smutne skutočný! > The world's sadly real

Keď sa proti tomu bráni > When it (the world) defends itself

Nôž mu na krk dávajú > They (the hollow people) put knife on its neck
(Not really plunge..)

Aj tak ju nikdy nezabijú > They will not kill it (the truth ) though

Pravde čas nevadí > The truth doesn't care about time

Ani lesk všemocných peňazí > (the truth doesn't care about) Even the shine of almighty money

Prázdni ľudia silou-mocou > Hollow people in any case (silou-mocou means by force but not so strong)

Topia pravdu vo víne > Melt the truth in wine

Otherwise it's understandable.
You got wrong some parts of the song.

Cucci    Sun, 23/03/2014 - 08:01

Thanks a lot for touching up! I've accepted almost all your corrections! Now I'm certainly correcting my Russian translation, too.

Cucci    Mon, 24/03/2014 - 08:12

Hi Monika! If you're Slovak, could you please explain me something referring to your country? Many years ago, I read a humorous tale by Slovak author Ľubomír Feldek where the Slovak craftsman Jano Švibalka was the main character. He came to Berlin from the Slovak town of Detva and became quite famous for constructing the excellent mechanical bear which was in fact a real bear. Jano thus cheated with the Germans: they were sure no living bears could be found in Berlin's surroundings, so when Jano presented the bear, they were convinced of his genius skill. But he was unmasked as soon as the bear betrayed its rut: a mechanical bear can't desire a female at the certain time, you know!)))))))) Moreover, the craftsman disappeared just then! )))) So the enraged Germans went to all lenghts to find Švibalka, and inflict penalty on him. They found him in his hometown and he confessed to his trick, but they decided to pardon him as he amazed them with contriving to take a quick ride from Berlin to the bounds of his native Slovakia (where bears were indeed found), to catch a bear and to "import" it - all without being noticed! )))) So what I'm eager to know what "Švibalka" means: is it a real surname which isn't to be translated or a "telling" nickname (saying a good deal about the person by the very fact of nicknaming so)? I'm looking forward to getting your answer: a native Slovak really can help in thic case, no one else! ;-)

Slovakia    Mon, 24/03/2014 - 11:44

Hello Regular smile
Whoa I'm so surprised that someone reads Slovak literature in spite of a big influence of the American one!
Well, "švibalka" in the dialect of Detva (dialect of Zvolen to be more specific) means "a matchstick" Regular smile

Cucci    Mon, 24/03/2014 - 13:39

Nothing to be surprised at. I'm from Russia, see. Slovakia (at that time, the part of Czechoslovakia) used to be a somewhat of satellite of Russia (at that time, the somewhat of "extended version" of our land was on Earth, and 'twas called the USSR). No wonder was at publishing creative works by the authors from the "loyal" states in an avalanche, in Russian as well.)))) Thus, Soviet people were made acquainted with Ludwik Jerzy Kern (from Poland), Korcsmáros Pál (from Hungary), your Slovak Ľubomír Feldek, and many others - from all over those states which for some reason or other (I guess, the main was quite a painful necessity of making the choice: whom to be with in the face of the quite tengible World War III threat) preferred to go to make up sphere of interests of the USSR. By the time of your birth, Monika, your state has "first last and all the time" flopped to the West (which has historically been distrustful and showing no special liking towards Russia: as our path - greatness through the millions of taken lives - couldn't but seem shocking disgrace to the more or less "civilized" Europe; indeed, what if Russians came and did with us just the same they had got used to do with themselves?!), so you probably consider normal that everything American looks at you from all the shelves and posters... however, that's not the only thing that influence the world! My generation has catched the period when the world was "bipolar": NATO once used to be perfectly counterbalanced by us the USSR with our "faithful allies" (including you Czechoslovaks). ;-) And as for the American literature... I swear I have read just a little of it!)))))))) Jack London, Herman Melville, Ray Bradbury... that's in fact all I can mention.)))))) And be sure I'm not sorry about that fact, not at all!))))) Am I silly - maybe, but be sure that a TRUE American can afford him- or herself ignoring in fact all the world's literature but originating from the USA; and hereinafter, you're quite free to reflect on my words, and just make your own conclusions! ;-))))))