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Story about Vasa Ladacki

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Story about Vasa Ladacki
Do you know the story of Vasa Ladachki ? I heard it just a while ago.
Once he didn't come out of tavern for 9 days; he is said to be of a strange kind...
His father was poor farmer, fed 7 hungry mouths.
His mother was blond,quiet,gentle, jaundiced; She died at 30 something.
They had a couple of acres, little house at the end of the street.
There's always bread on table, just enough for them.
Vasa wanted much more...
He wanted black horses, playfull on the meadows.
He wanted a golden pocket watch and granges...
He wanted fertile fields, rich vineyards,
Horse drawn carriage, but he couldn't have them.
He loved a beautiful, poor girl. He would have married her had he known:
You love only once in your life, rich or poor, you heart choses, not the mind.
He hoped love will fade. He left the village forever;
Never wrote to anybody, married an heiress, only daughter of a farmer.
He got the black horses, playfull on the meadows;
He got the golden pocket watch and granges.
He got fertile fields, rich vineyards,
Horse drawn carriage, he had it all, he had nothing.
He started drinking pretty soon. He sold his soul to devil.
All the bar tenders knew him. He was looking for solace in the glass, but could not find it.
He was young, they say, when he died; in the middle of the tavern, of heart attack. His head bowed down, almost as if asleep.
And they still remember what he said last:
No worth having black stallions, playfull on the meadows,
No worth having golden pocket watch, granges.
No worth fertile fields, rich vineyards,
No worth horse drawn carriage, if I am not with the one I love. if I am not with the one I love.
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Priča o Vasi Ladačkom

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