Haarp Cord - Primăvara (English translation)

English translation

Spring !

Is the first day of spring, the last day of winter
The nature is a miracle, dresses herself with a "coat"
Of: flowers, nuances, colours, hummingbirds,
Mallard ducks. storks, cranes...
Hovers on the ground, build nests, coming back from
the hot countries,
And the walnut, blossoms, talks with the "wind
Glorifying the Lord, 'cause He made them by his word
The river waters, the grain
The bee flies, ...the propolis she carry, from sunset
to sunrise...
The human works and plough the land, works and
realise himself
He doesn't even think about asking, It's springtime !
If i were Enescu, i would've written the treble clef
On a solfeggio on a major scale , my arpeggio of
And i would've command , to a tenor an oustanding
Pow brrrrrraaaapp, here Haarp Cord !!
Chorus Dragonu
You springtime,...oh how... i've waited you !!
All this winter, that passed ...
I've kind off stayed frozen ...
I was eager,... for you to blossom up !!
I couldn't wait...i to enjoy that you are...
Close!!! With thousands of flowers, in a multicolored
landscape ...
Filled of peonies and of trees, on the plains with
their own
While the yellow sun glimmers from the clouds!!
Is too , dope already, too nice already..(X4)
When life gives me "lemons" , i take a still water,
I make a lemonade, i drink a hot chocolate
Some coffees,...lollipops, caramel, jelly beans
Honey milk, vanilla in aprill
I stay with an old man under an acacia tree...
We roll "tobacco " with strawberry flavour
Thick smoke in the hamlet, kids are playing in
the street
The night falls down over the hill, and towards
the village
Is too cool already, it's a "carpet of flowers"...
Is too cool already, the oak trees reach towards
the clouds...
White dewlaps, beauties, wears them
Little childs, the lion's den", ...my, my what
wonderful plants!
Springtime, oh how....i've waited you
All this winter, in which i've frozen ....
(Now) I say Goodbye to the hat, ... see you at
Goodbye cool jacket, with the fluffy hoodie !
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