Pro durachka (Про дурачка) (English translation)

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Of A Simpleton (full version)

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The simpleton wanders through the forest,
He searches for a stooge flightier than himself (x2)
Death roams the streets, carrying blinis upon a small dish
Whomever shall venture forth - shall come to pass
She touches him on the shoulder, and kisses him deeply
The pennies, they fly away from his chest.
The simpleton wanders through the forest,
He searches for a stooge flightier than himself (x2)
The gears, they are whirling inside my head
My head is drenched in an armour-piercing deluge
The mercury shot up, as my hand clenched into a fist, and drew back
Yes only the sign of The Cross on my chest, my last visage - a coin
This simpleton wanders through the forest,
Searching for a stooge flightier than myself (x2)
My dead mother came to me yesterday
At every little thing she shook her fist and called me a fool
A dusken mosquito plummeted into my flame
And it choked on the blood from my temple
This simpleton wanders through the world,
I am looking for a simpleton more witless than myself (x2)
Today I've bought a bunch of balloons
With them I'll fly over this wonderous land
I'll swallow up some fluff, and dive into the ground,
And to all questions, I will answer "Ever Living"
This simpleton roams across the heavens
Scanning for a stooge more light-headed than myself (x2)
The good sun shone both night and day
There are no atheists in foxholes when under fire
The unseeing will make the grade, the petty will prevail
Could you have ever envisioned such a thing?
This simpleton wanders through the forest,
Searching for a stooge flightier than myself (x2)
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Author's comments:

1. 'a dish', a saucer in Russian, but in English cultures is reserved for a tea or coffee cup. Blinis are served after a death, during a wake. Death is always preceding a wake.
2. To 'come to pass' is both coming true, and to have recently perished. So the dead are following her bidding. Кому вынется — тому сбудется originates from Подблюдные песни, "К счастью".
3. The belief is to be touched by Death is to perish. Her deep kiss takes one's last breath of life from them.
4. The pennies (kopeks) fly from his chest (an allusion to an accumulative weight that has fallen away now that breathing ends while in respiratory distress and then ending with respiratory arrest. An allusion to losing materialisms.
Pennies are associated with holding eyelids down after death as well historically. The weight kept the eyelids from reopening, for Charon's obol as well.
5. 'The mercury shoots up', in the old sphygmomanometers (the box style blood pressure devices) when the body convulses and fall on relaxation. Seizures cause posturing, the stuffening pulses of the body. Hands clenching and arms tensioning would also occur.
6. 'a coin' mentioned, is a five kopeck coin.
7. 'I'll swallow up some (Cottonwood/Black Poplar) fluff'. They are seed tufts. An allusion to suffocation/ finally ending in respiratory arrest. Airways congested with it.
8. to 'dive into the ground', being buried expeditiously and an allusion to descending from flight over the earth.
9. Крест на грудь is The Cross of St George, for bravery in battle. His allusion however is to the sign of The Cross given on the administering of last rites.
10. Seeing his dead mother is a portent of his impending death.
11. 'Ever Living' like everlasting, it originates from "Ленин всегда живой", Lenin forever lives.
12. 'There are no atheists in foxholes (when under fire)'. This is a common saying to many armies. Everyone believes in God when they face death, even an atheist. It's kind of like an insurance policy for life eternal and for now. A reality check.
13. 'under fire', when being attacked with ordinance incoming
14. 'make the grade', to be a success, to complete something well, even to graduate to the next level.
15. 'flighty', dual meanings, fickle, frivolous, silly, and fearful, ignorant of the nature of things (dear are flighty).
16. 'light-headed' implies that the simpleton has less than require brain mass to be fully functional intellectually, and disoriented.
The author of the original poem Egor Letov has given of himself in this work. He was an alcoholic with heart problems and suffered heart attacks and alcohol poisoning. He died and was revived prior to the last heart attack that killed him. He is describing the symptoms of a heart attack and of the difficulty breathing as well. He has given himself in this work.

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Pro durachka (Про дурачка)

sandring    Thu, 20/09/2018 - 06:15

I'm speechless! Thank you! :)