Прочь из моей головы (Proch' Iz Moei Galavi) (English translation)

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Out of my head

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Out of my head!
Into the darkness at random, from the middle of the concert
Through the crowd, through the security, through the doors, through park
To stand a bit over the water on the bridge
Out of my head!
Here's already a mess. Scattering photos, throwing things away,
Destroying evidences
Throwing all discs into garbage1
Out of my head!
Your new boyfriend got all the passwords
Hacked all your postboxes, read my letters to you
Fucking hell! Fucking hell!2
Out of my head!
Barefoot, somersaulting, with a suitcase in hand
Or without a suitcase in hand, without a load, afar
While I haven't run you over with a road roller
Out of my head!
Over Moscow on a broomstick, through hardships to the stars3
With an "U" letter in the top left corner
In an equilateral triangle on the rear window4
Out of my head!
Tearing wires, messing cards, sweeping figures off the chessboard
Breaking the boom barriers at full speed
Leaving cities in ruins
Of my head, where the plane becomes a sphere
Where sometimes burn fireworks, sometimes smolders a wax candle
Where music of Bach is mixed with paintings of Bosch
And brain hemispheres aren't friends with each other
Where one line spins day and night
"Get out of my head right now"
And take with you also my thoughts of you
So it wouldn't seem to God that we're hanging out in this world for too long
  • 1. This verse is strangely formed also in Russian. Sense is that author allows/indicates the other person (most probably, his ex-girlfriend) to leave doing all listed above, since there's already a mess
  • 2. Abstract exclamation of surprise/shock
  • 3. Literal translation of Latin phrase "Per aspera ad astra"
  • 4. A sign which is placed on cars used for driving lessons
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Прочь из моей головы (Proch' Iz Moei Galavi)

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