Ruben Blades - Prohibido olvidar (English translation)

English translation

Forbidden to forget

They forbade to go to school and to college.
They forbade the guarantees and the constitutional aim.
They forbade all the sciences, except the militaristic one.
Forbidding the right to complain, they forbade the asking.
Today I suggest you, my brother, for not letting this happen again,
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden to wait for answers. Forbidden the will.
Forbidden the arguments. Forbidden the reality.
Forbidden the free press and forbidden the thinking.
They forbade the intelligence with a special decree.
If you don't use your head, someone will use it for you.
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden the right to strike and the salary raises.
They forbade to go out to the street and criticizing the state.
They forbade to laugh at the joke of their sad government.
They forbade the developement of the national future.
I believe the only way to put an end to this is:
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden the commentaries without official "approve",
They forbade to rebel against mediocrity.
They forbade the elections and the popular hope.
And forbade the conscience, by forbidding the thinking.
If you believe in your flag and in freedom:
Forbidden to forget!
Forbidden to forget!
Poor of the country where the bad ones take control,
where the civilian falls in love with corruption.
Poor of the country deranged by the drug,
because a slackened mind, goes crazy.
Poor of the country that, believes that with violence
can kill the idea of its liberation.
Poor of the country that sees justice shattered
by the will of the rich or by militar order.
Each nation depends on the heart of its people.
And a country that doesn't sell itself, nobody can buy it!
Don't forget!
Don't forget!
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Prohibido olvidar

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