Tormenta - Promesas son promesas (English translation)

English translation

Promises are promises

Promises are promises
don't forget that,
promises that that day
you said crying.
Promises are promises,
they get erased with the years,
like all the things,
that we loved yesterday.
You promised to give me love,
and being the fire of my home,
to be that would take me to the sea.
Placid swallow that,
will always return to my nest,
so many poems, so much love
were awakening with the sun,
you promised me love, you promised.
You promised to give me peace,
and being my light and my candle,
so many caresses like that, you promised me.
I'll be the same way,
I won't be scared of walking,
looking for love in another flesh,
and I'll love him without promises,
you promised me love, you promised.
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Promesas son promesas