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The prosess

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Welcome to the mafia recruitment
Here everybody is under learning
So take good againt the priest
Because everybody wants to come with the sucsess.
As long it is money.
As long it is money in the "picture"
We get bigger and bigger for every day.
We represent all the social teams.
from the top of the pyramid and down.
I see it on you
I see it on you.You are like us.
Its going to be a revelution.
when you somebody convert to a other religion.
And those who dont believe me today..
Its a part of the prosses.
Everything you have heard about us is true.
We're starting to get many.
We have people all over the country.
Its nothing more like too see when them promenade.
Someone react,but the others applaud and thats people like us.
We take day by day
construct answeres
give you everything you want
think strategy,think strategy
Ah,you are in my hands whatever happends.
Let me have youre vote.I beg on my knees.
Ah,you have so much to come.
Come with the sucsess.
Tell friend and known.
They can come with the prosess.
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