Ignacio Copani - Puerto sin mar (English translation)

English translation

Sealess harbor

How will I wind up the new day
if your hand no longer pulls mine.
How do I dodge the silence hit
that pushes me off beat when you're not here.
In what abyss I throw the half of my reason.
How do I build the parts of my dream.
Sealess harbor, glowless lighthouse,
I spin to the beat of your memory.
Like a lost bird
my soul flies just because,
looking for a sign of your flight.
Sealess harbor, glowless lighthouse,
song that goes riding the wind.
If you listen to it it's not a whistle
that got attached to the air,
it's the beating of this heart.
How do I load the weight of tomorrow
if your hand no longer passes by my back.
How do I exit to the center of life
with the wounded desires when you're not here.
In what file do I save the last love letter.
Where do they file that feeling
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Puerto sin mar

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