Like pulling teeth

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Like pulling teeth (English) — Something that is extremely difficult. Perhaps even difficult to 'extract' like information or action from someone. A boss might say "Trying to get an answer around here is like pulling teeth". Meaning then it a very difficult to get a reply from any workers. The expression can apply to any given situation. Kids not cleaning up their pulling teeth.
Literally pulling (extracting) teeth is very difficult and brutal. They were meant to stay in and they do a good job doing so.

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"Like pulling teeth" in lyrics

Alright, but how about breathtaking? Geez!
I swear it's like pulling teeth to get a little tiny compliment out of you people

Now let's review, everybody

Alaska Thunderfuck - Hieeee

There's so many things that I wanted to say
But the love turned to hate. we kept pushing away
And the words that came out, turned into a mess
And its like pulling teeth, Cause you'll never confess
Now the damage is done
The hurt and the pain when nobody has won.

Disturbed - Tyrant

It’s like I should just give up because I’m not legit
It’s like I got a chain wallet and some frosted tips
Sometimes I wanna grab a fucking gun and swallow it
It's like pulling teeth for me to give a compliment
That's why I walk into your circle, and I talk some shit
I'm sure you tell all of your friends that I'm a monster prick

Hollywood Undead - Broken Record

I'm drawn to that sorta library magic
Whisperin' through the dusty aisles
Watchin' all the thinkers read
Tryin' to keep a grown mans quiet's like
Pulling teeth on a winter's eve
Cracks and pulls and unfamiliar roads

The Head and the Heart - Library Magic

Every living day begs the question
to continue lying is to continue dying
its just like pulling teeth
it hurts for a moment and then its done with
end it, end it, why not end it?

Left For Dead - Pulling Teeth