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Seal, kus läänemere lained
lähvad ajaviitele;
Seal, kus poisid kõik on kained,
õpivad vaid viitele.
Metsaserval väike maja,
maja ees on kivist konn.
Majast kostab laulukaja,
kes küll ütleks, mis seal on?
See on meie punker,
see on meie tanker
See on meie tünker, tänker, tönker ...
Kõigil meil on terved hambad,
sest ei suitseta ju me.
Sirgelt seisame kui sambad -
viina halbtust tajume.
Keemias pole meil probleeme,
lemmik ühend on aniis,
matas tulbad ära teeme,
kiituskirja saame siis.
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There where the waves of the Baltic Sea
are going to pass their time
There where all the boys are sober
and get straight A's,
on the edge of a forest, (there's) a small house,
inside the house there is a frog of stone.
From the house, song-echos resound.
Who would say what there is?
It's our bunker.
it's our tanker,
it's our 'tünker', 'tänker', 'tönker'1
All of us have healthy teeth
because we don't smoke.
We stand straight like columns,
we sense the badness2 of vodka
We have no problems with chemistry
our favourite compound is anise,
for maths we solve the columns,
then we get written praise papers.
  • 1. not real words, they sound a bit like endearments... and of course 'tanker' might also not make much sense in the context
  • 2. dialect
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