Put down roots

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Idiomatic translations of "Put down roots"

Бросить якорь

Meanings of "Put down roots"


to settle somewhere; to become established in a particular place (of a person).

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Explained by St. Sol

"Put down roots" in lyrics

Derač - Serbian Style

You cunt, you snitch, you wrecked junkie
You let those junkie girls change your course
Fucked up hoes put down roots in you heart
I don't give a damn what people will think

Sting - Dead Man's Boots

These dead man's boots, though they're old and curled
When a feller needs a job and a place in the world
And it's time for a man to put down roots
And walk to the river in his old man's boots

Flëur - Magic

I am walking and the grey cloud is following me

I put down roots into the sand, my leaves look to the east
They're waiting for the morning sun to take the first sip

Mokoma - Wolves in Men's Clothes

it will be trampled to the ground
I try to lift up the ear
because I cannot put down roots
From here I cannot expect

Boris Režak - Penance

If you allowed me
To enter your heart
And put down roots
These two hands

Facundo Cabral - I Don't Want to be a Citizen

and she was fat. She had gotten married. And I looked
at the husband...I couldn't stop
looking...I thought: "This one should hang up his hat".[fn]To "hang up one's hat" is to retire or put down roots somewhere.[/fn]