(Put) on the spot

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  • Idiom: (Put) on the spot
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Meanings of "(Put) on the spot"


1. Put on the spot - to be put under a lot of pressure, to be held answerable to a situation that is very stressful and sometimes complicated. He's 'on the spot', in a difficult situation.
2. On the spot - At an exact time, at an exact location (it can mean something in the immediate future, ot the past).

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"(Put) on the spot" in lyrics

Princess Nokia - Mine

Please do not ask me or any Black or Brown women if our hair is real or not. If it’s a wig, a weave, extensions, braids, don’t fuckin' ask. It’s very rude, it’s extremely personal to be put on the spot like that. How we choose to wear our hair is our personal choice, ok? We bought it, it’s ours, so have some manners and keep your curiosity to yourself

Jim Carrey - Imposter

I rappin' your songs with the best of my ability
You need a black man to increase your credibility
When put on the spot, I side with the rasta
Cause the Sean ain't down with no imposter

Zico - Release

Every night the neighbors scream, we’re not on talking terms
U better recognize I’m a natural rapper
Criticism, when I’m put on the spot
I quietly agree, but when it’s over I do it again

RaNia - Get Out

You're cheating in your own way
What are you gonna do?
You'll eventually be put on the spot
I'm only gonna say this to you