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این قافله عمر عجب میگذرد

این قافله عمر عجب میگذرد
دریاب دمی که با طرب میگذرد
ساقی غم فردای حریفان چه خوری
پیش آر پیاله را که شب میگذرد

The Train of Life Flies Like a Fleeting Light

The train1of life flies like a fleeting light23
Savor the heartbeat that is happy, bright
O barmaid! Don't save for tomorrow buddies
Bring us wine cups! Fleeting is the night!
  • 1. Lit. a succession of travelers on horses or camels, caravan
  • 2. Lit. moves in such haste
  • 3. Same rhyming pattern as the original