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切illing Me Softly (English translation)

  • Artist: Kuuso Iinkai (空想委員会)
  • Song: 切illing Me Softly

切illing Me Softly

頭 心 切り離されて
動けない僕 動き出すあなた
断ち切って あなたが変わっていくのが
こんなに怖いこととは少しも 思ってなかった青かった
こんなに邪魔なものとは少しも 思ってなかったあのときは
断ち切った あなたが変わっていくのに
僕だけあの日の位置から少しも 変わってなかったと気付いた
振り切った あなたが変わっていくのに
いつまでも変われない現実を あなたの手で殺して欲しい
こんなに複雑に絡み合って 解ける気配なんかなくって
断ち切って 自分が変わっていくため
痛みを感じないようにそっと 息の根を止めてほしいよ
Submitted by maskofsinmaskofsin on 2017-10-06
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Killing [Cutting] Me Softly

When you said, "Guess this is the end"
Time stopped for me
My head, my heart, torn apart
All I could do was take it in
I can't move, and you're moving on
Cutting ties, you're changing
I never ever thought that that'd be such a scary thing, I was naïve
Tangling, these strings I can't undo
I never ever thought that they'd be such a hassle, back then
You've made the switch, going forwards
When I look at that, I get nervous, so
I put a lid on my feelings
And got over it... or, that was my intention
You cut ties, you're changing, but
I realized that only my position hadn't changed one bit since that day
Breaking free, you're changing, but
I want you to kill this infinitely unchanging reality for me with your hands
Tangling, these strings I can't undo
The knots just go so deep, I don't even feel like I can now
Cutting ties, you're changing, so
I want you to kill me softly so I don't feel the pain

Translated by "haeksak". Let me know if you reprint this translation elsewhere, and please credit me.

Submitted by haeksakhaeksak on 2022-09-28
Added in reply to request by maskofsinmaskofsin
Last edited by haeksakhaeksak on 2022-09-29
Author's comments:

–The title is "Killing Me Softly", but the "K" is replaced with the character for "cut", which also starts with "ki", so it sort of blends together as a pun. A lot of words are related to "cutting" in the song, but some I wasn't able to translate in that way.

Let me know if you have questions about my translation.

As always, for anyone who wants to use or reference this translation, please credit me.

uji nauji na    Wed, 28/09/2022 - 17:27

僕だけあの日の位置から少しも 変わってなかったと気付いた
I realized that I only have not changed a little since the place on that day.

or just,

I realized I have not changed an inch from that day.

I'm being nitpicker again Regular smile

haeksakhaeksak    Thu, 29/09/2022 - 08:04

I thought the first one would sound too clunky in English, so I opted to rephrase it more simply. I think I'll keep the line I used.

Maybe I could say something like, "I realized that only my position hadn't changed one bit since that day". I guess that's closer without being awkward.

uji nauji na    Thu, 29/09/2022 - 08:56

yea, that one is much better.

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