Rocío Jurado - Qué bueno que pudimos (English translation)

English translation

How good we could

How good we could split
without hurting each other and crying.
How good we stay as friends
or acquaintances, we'll see it.
How good there's people who love you,
loneliness waits for me.
How good you found a way
much better than mine to dream.
How good it remained in my memory
the positive of your goodness.
How good that your negative side
I forgot it, it will never return.
Sorry if I brought you to my world
that judges your naivety as repulsive.
How good you return to your thing
there where your pride will resurge
Just like will return your indiscipline
that your mind imagines that is freedom.
How good we could split.
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Qué bueno que pudimos

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roster 31    Sat, 15/04/2017 - 13:07

Hola, Díaz, una notita:
"conocidos" es "acquaintances". ¿De acuerdo?