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Quatre Boules de Cuir (English translation)

  • Artist: Claude Nougaro
  • Song: Quatre Boules de Cuir Album: Paris Mai (1968)
English translationEnglish

Four Leather Balls

Four leather balls spin in the light
Of your electric eye, Boxing, Boxing,
O stone goddess
Four leather balls, my fists against his,
Me the young puncher, Boxing, Boxing,
He, the old Kid Marin
Kid Marin is great and God knows I love him
But his gloves and my gloves don't think alike
O stone goddess, to reach your heart,
There's only one way, Boxing, Boxing,
You have to be victorious
Four leather balls on four war feet
Bombard the (solar) plexus, Boxing, Boxing,
The angle of the jaw
Four leather balls in the ring
I catch his hook
He ducks my swing
Kid Marin, I'm sick of our match
I will show you
Which of the two is champion?
Four leather balls and suddenly two are rolling
Spreading their punches
Amidst the cry of the crowd
Cheek on the canvas, I see the socks
Of the referee up there
4, 5, 6, 7
As a child I fell asleep dreaming of knockouts
And it's me who is supported
And it's me who is lifted up
And here in the locker room, we unglove my hands
Kid Marin comes to see me, it will be better tomorrow
O stone goddess, I will take my revenge
And I'll have your smile, like a white house
Yes, I'll have your smile, at the end of my fists
Even if in the corners, Boxing, Boxing,
I still see it shining,
Four leather balls.
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Quatre Boules de Cuir

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