Que Hiciste? (English translation)

English translation

What did you do?

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Yesterday we were dreaming of a perfect world
Yesterday our lips needed no words
Because we could see our souls in our eyes
And truth had no doubt in your eyes
Yesterday we promised each other that we would conquer the whole world
Yesterday you swore to me that our love would be eternal
Because one mistake is enough
To learn what it is to truly love
What did you do?
Today with your pride you destroyed hope
You blurred my site with your fury
You erased our history with your anger
And you mistook all the love I was giving you
Allowing you to break my soul
What did you do?
You forced us to destroy our sunrises
Forgetting our nights with your words
My illusions ended with your lies
You forgot that it was love that matters
And with your hands you destroyed our house
Tomorrow a new day will rise in my universe
Tomorrow I will not see your name written in my verses
I will not listen to apologies
I will ignore your remorse without guilt
Tomorrow I will forget that yesterday I was your faithful lover
Tomorrow I will have no reason to hate you
I will erase all your dreams with my dreams
The wind will blow away my memory of you forever
Submitted by Erin Radvansky on Sat, 10/05/2014 - 23:45
Author's comments:

The official translation from the "Como Ama Una Mujer" album

The Spanish lyrics to the left have quite a few spelling and other mistakes


Que Hiciste?