Queixa das almas jovens censuradas (English translation)

  • Artist: José Mário Branco
  • Song: Queixa das almas jovens censuradas 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Italian
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Lament of the young censored souls

Give us a lily and a pocketknife
And a soul to go to school
Plus a poster that promises
Roots, stems and corolla
Give us an imaginary map
That has the shape of a city
Plus a watch and a calendar
Where our age never comes
Give us a mannequin's pride
To give some slack to our absence
Give us a prize to be like this
Without sin and without innocence
Give us a boat and a cap
So that we can take a portrait
Give us to tickets to heaven
Put in scene in a theatre
They comb our wild cranes
With the hairdos of our grandpas
So that we might never resemble
Ourselves when we're alone
Give us a lump that is the history
Of our history without a plot
And that it might not ring to memory
Another word for fear
We have ghosts so polite
That we fall asleep in their shadow
Empty slumbers not populated
By characters of darkness
Give us the cover of the gospel
And a pack of tobacco
Give us a comb and a mirror
That we can comb an ape
Give us a goat taken from the head
And a head taken to the waist
So that our body won't resemble
The shape of the soul that seeks it
Give us a coffin made of iron
With diamond embroidery
To organize already the burial
Of our body much ahead
Give us a name and a newspaper
A plane and a violin
But do not give us the animal
That awaits the horns of destiny
Give us paper salors
With a stamp on the passport
For that our dimension
It is not life, neither it is death.
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Queixa das almas jovens censuradas

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