Cássia Eller - Queremos Saber (English translation)

English translation

We Want to Know

We want to know
What will be
Of the new inventions
We want some more serious news
About the discovery of antimatter
And its implications
In men's emancipation
From huge populations
Poor men from the cities
From the steppes1 of the outbacks
We want to know
When will we have
A cheaper laser ray
We actually want a report
A more serious picture of the mystery of the light
The light of a flying saucer
To illuminate the men
So needy and in suffer
So lost and far
From where the Lord lives
We want to know
We want to live
Trusting in a better future
That's why it's necessary
To predict which road illusion will take
The illusion of power
Because, as mankind was allowed
To know so many things
It's better that everyone know
What might happen
We want to know, we want to know
We want to know, we all want to know
  • 1. An ecoregion, in the montane grasslands and shrublands and temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands biomes, characterized by grassland plains without trees apart from those near rivers and lakes
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Queremos Saber

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