Quero Sim (English translation)

English translation

Yes I (do) want

I miss the complicity
That existed between us
Those times that we
Loved seeing each other
I'm not a word
I'm not a poem
I'm a small human
that now regrets
Sometimes, I am the day
Sometimes, I am nothing
And today, I am a shed tear.
I cry through the night
Sometimes I am a fairy
Sometimes, a spark
It's like I'm plugged to a wall socket
On a night of poor sleep
If your love is not strong and won't resist
And if this grudge remains between us forever
Then I will return to that immense sea,
Made of silence
If in your eyes I no longer see the reflection of our love
And the longing chases me anywhere I go, then,
Here and now, I'll make it clear that
I tried to save this sentiment
Say yes,listen to the sound
Try the taste of my love
Leave your color all over me
Yes, I do want you, but without suffering
Say yes...
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Quero Sim

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