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Who Could Be

I'm looking for a word
In the threshold of your mistery.
Who could be Ali Baba?
Who could be the mythical Simbad?
Who could be a powerful sortilege?
Who could be an enchanter?
I'm looking for a diving suit
At the foot of the sea of delirium
Who could be Jaques Cousteau?
Who could be Captain Nemo?
Who could be the submarine of your abyss?
Who could be an explorer?
Heart, Heart of darkness
Heart, Heart with walls
Heart that hides,
Heart that is where?
Heart, Heart escaping
Wounded of doubts of love.
I'm looking for a melody
To have some way to call you
Who could be a mockingbird?
Who could be Lennon and McCartney,
Sindo Garay, Violeta, Chico Buarque?
Who could be your troubadour?
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Submitted by spacecatspacecat on Mon, 20/05/2013 - 17:35
Author's comments:

translation notes!: "quien fuera" can also be used as a wishful way to say you want to be something. so, while the more literal translation would be "who could be" or "whoever could be" it can be used in the same manner you say "if only i was"
example: Quien fuera rico! lit. "Who could be rich!" but in english you would say "If only I was rich!"
so you could interpret that silvio is singing, "if only i was ali baba.." but that's just my interpretation Regular smile i left it as "who could be" so its up to the listener to figure out what the song means for them. silvio is such a powerful songwriter!


Quién fuera

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vencejovencejo    Mon, 16/01/2017 - 17:13

In the second line, the word should be "mystery." (a misspelling)
"Sortilegio" is translated into "spell" in English, as in a magic spell or with Silvio, perhaps - "You cast a spell on me" - a romantic spell.

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