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A quien corresponda (English translation)

  • Artist: Joan Manuel Serrat
  • Song: A quien corresponda Album: En tránsito
  • Translations: English, German
English translationEnglish

To who corresponds

Joan Manuel Serrat,
married, of legal age,
living in Camprodón, Girona,
son of Ángeles and Josep,
singer-songwriter by profession,
born in Barcelona,
according to the Civil Registry,
today, Monday, April 20th, 1981,
With the strength he disposes,
EXPOSES (colon)
That apples don't smell,
that nobody knows the neighbor,
that old men are moved away
after serving us well.
That the sea is dying,
that nobody trust their siblings,
that the earth ended in hands
of some madmen with ID.
That the world is experimental and with a toll,
that everything is disposable and provisional.
That sums don't match,
that reforms never end,
that we always get late,
to where nothing happens.
Because of these
and many differences more
that are specified in an addendum,
without serving as precedent,
Measures to be taken
and a call to order those bunglers
who leave everything lost
in name of the staff.
But to do it urgently
for not to be necessary
more heroes or miracles
to make the place decent.
There's no other time but the one we have,
assure who rules and who's ruled.
And if it wasn't at hand
to put a stop to such excesses,
order them to copy a hundred times
"you shall not do those things".
Thanks he expects to deserve
from the right action
of who doesn't use to deceive oneself,
may God keep him safe many years.

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A quien corresponda

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