Trigo Limpio - Rómpeme Mátame (English translation)

English translation

Break me kill me

Your eyes no longer look at me,
your lips are two lies;
your tongue, insult and caress,
but I feel alive that way,
I prefer to be a pedrigree
and you pulling the bridles
rather than a jade doll,
an ornament in your cabinet.
That's why
Break me, kill me,
but don't ignorme, no, my dear:
I prefer that you kill me
than dying everyday.
Your hands are two chains,
my pleasure and my agony:
with one you give me love,
with the other you dominate me
I prefer to feel the spur
that you thrust me everyday
rather than a flower than in a vase
you forgot in a corner.
That's why
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Rómpeme Mátame

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