Milton Nascimento - Raça (English translation)

English translation


Here comes the strength, here comes the magic
That fills my body with joy
Here comes the damned sacred euphoria
That drives me crazy, that moves1 me and that makes me whirl
Here comes the song, the bestial shriek
Here comes the voice of any given spring
Here comes my fingertips tearing my throat
The hunger, the fury, the blood that gets boiled
From where comes such a personal thing
That warms me and gives me affection?
From where comes such a brute thing
That wakes me up and puts me out in the street?
It's a mourning, the purest song
That sheds a light on my dark house
It's my strength, it's our energy
That comes from far away to accompany us
It's Clementina2 singing well
The adventures of her people in pain
It's Mr. Francisco, his cap and his pipe
Teaching me the fight is really against me
Every Maria, Maria Dominga
Vilma and Tia Hercília get close
It's Monsueto3 and it's Grande Otelo4
Get close, get close, because Naná is on his way
  • 1. It's a very unusual use of the word 'jogar'
  • 2. Clementina de Jesus was a Brazilian samba singer
  • 3. Monsueto Campos de Menezes was a Brazilian sambista, singer, composer, drummer, painter, and actor
  • 4. Grande Otelo was a Brazilian actor, comedian, singer, and composer
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