רדיו חזק (Radio Hazak) (English translation)

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Loud Radio

She was born in a distant village
and didn't hear about heat or suffocation
there good oil is not better than a good name
so quiet, i want to just sleep
Smile at me from behind the bushes
smile at me when they are resting
And they don't love
she loves only loud radio
she loves loud radio
when they play
She just sees us singing
she doesn't hear what we say
Write to me what you desire
write to me through your ear
from the skin of the drum to the skin of the snare
inside your head silence rules
And they don't love...
Yes, she was struck with dazzling light
and she won't hear a test siren
she won't prevent fire in the fields
because she has heavy ears
Accept me between the words
accept me between the paths
And they don't love...
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Thanks to Shirley RC for the word choice assistance!

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רדיו חזק (Radio Hazak)

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