Assala Nasri - Rahal (رحل) (English translation)


Rahal (رحل)

إشتاق لجراحـه
رحل رحل
إشتاق لجراحي
يحق له
طيبتـي ماتحتمل
قليلـة فـي وقـت الهـمـوم ما
كنـت أعاتب أو ألوم
يحق له
مايحتمل هـذا الملل
أسدلـت أيـامـي لعـناده
حبيته فـي قربـه وبعـاده
متعبـة هــذي السـعـادة
اللي حصل كيـف أفهمـه؟
واللـي رحـل مـن علمـه؟
من علمـه يهجـر
إذا غطى الـفـرح كــل الـزوايـا
من علمـه يغـدر
إذا صار الوفاء نـبـض وحنايا
مـــــن عـلــمــه يـتـلاعـب بـروحــي؟
مــن علـمـه يـمـشـي عــلــى جــروحــي؟
مـن علمـه يقـتـل فــي أيــامــي الأمــــل؟
من علم
اللي إشتاق لجراحه ورحل
يا سيدي
أقسى مـا فـي اللـي بيجـي
ما هو العذاب اللـي ابتـدى
ولا الصدى اللي خذا مني نداي
ولا غروبـك عـن سمـاي
أقسى مـا فـي اللـي بيجـي
كـل الحـكـي والأسئـلـة
متـى رحـل؟
ليـه رحـل؟
ولا تعـابـيـر الأســـى
علـى الوجـوه الصامـتـة
ولا الـعـيـون الشـامـتـة
ولا العـذول اللـي يـقـول
اللي حصـل ماهـو غريـب
واللى يقول
ماكـان يستاهـل يـكـون
أغـلـى حبـيـب
يا سيدي
أقسى مـا فـي اللـي بيجـي
إنـــــي أقـــــول
هـذا كـل اللـي حـصـل
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English translation

He left

He left
He missed his wounds1
He left, he left
He missed my wounds2
He left
It is his right
My kindness is unbearable
In times of hardship, I rarely ever
accused or blamed him
It is his right
Such boredom is unbearable
I have drawn the curtains upon my days to satisfy his stubbornness
I loved him when he was near or far
Such happiness is tiring...
He left..
How can I understand what happened?
And he who left, who taught him?
Who taught him to abandon in a time
when loyalty turned into a heartbeat and tender warmth?
Who taught him to play with my soul?
Who taught him to tread upon my wounds?
Who taught him to kill hope in my days?
And who taught the one,
who missed his wounds and left..
Oh my good sir,
the harshest of what comes
is not the torture that has begun
and not the echo that has snatched my calls from me
And not your [sun] setting and leaving my sky
The harshest of what comes
is all the talk and the questions
"When did he leave?
Why did he leave?"
Or the expressions of grief
upon the silent faces
Or the eyes gloating [over my pain]
Or the hater who says:
What happened is not at all strange3
And the one who says:
He did not deserve to be
Your most precious lover
Oh my good sir,
The harshest of what comes
is that I say:
All that has happened is that
he left...
  • 1. I.e: He missed being in pain.
  • 2. I.e: He missed putting me through pain.
  • 3. I.e: it was expected.
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