Rainbow Songs - O Mileko


O Mileko

O mileko, O mileko (x2)
Akatúmbale Akatúmbale
Belele Belele
Bele simi Bele simi
Simimi Simimi
Simi saya Simi saya
Sayaya sayaya
Saya butu saya butu
Bututu bututu
Butu kunda butu kunda
Kundana kundana
Kunda lele kunda lele
Lelele lelele
Lele manga Lele manga
Manganga oh manganga
O mileko, O mileko (x2)
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Submitted by malucamaluca on Sun, 17/05/2015 - 03:37
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Submitter's comments:

It's in an African language

You can listen to the song here:
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Alternative spelling:

O mileko, O mileko (x2)
Acatumbale acatumbale belele belele
Bele tzimi bele tzimi tzimimi tzimimi
Atzimi tsaya atzimi tzaya tsayaya tsayaya
Tzaya butu tzaya butu bututu bututu
Abutu gnda abutu gnda gndanga gndanga
Kunda leli kunda leli alelila alelila
Aleli manga aleli manga manganga manganga
U manganga manganga U


malucamaluca    Mon, 25/05/2015 - 21:50

It seems to be a prayer from the Bacha tribe in Africa...

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