Ralph Larenzo - My Curiosity [La Curiosidad - English Version]

  • Artist: Ralph Larenzo
  • Song: My Curiosity [La Curiosidad - English Version]
  • Featuring artist: Myke Towers
  • Album: Reggaeton English

My Curiosity [La Curiosidad - English Version]

Tell me about you:
How are you?
I’d like to see you
I saw a photo of you
Now, I want to make love to you
I know that, just like me,
you haven’t been lucky with love
I got desires to go see you
My curiosity kills me
and I hate it
I want you to myself
Just tell me when
Whenever you and I make love
We both know that nothing else matters
She is curious, she is studious
She ‘ always getting everyone’s attention
She prepares the bathtub with foam
I play with her kitty and it becomes juicy
She posing
She ' an art piece, I put her in handcuffs
She won’t weep at all
She don’t want roses
If we don’t have sex in the crib,
we’ll do it in the car
She is so pretty
I wanna see you face to face
I know you different
You make money,
no criminal record
You doin’ good
Your gaze doesn't lie
So call me whenever you’ feeling horny
I’m still here
watching you run’ around my mind
I don’t try to talk to you
‘coz I know you can’t be seen with me
They say what doesn’t
kill you makes you stronger
If I were born again,
I would meet you again
I’d give anything to see you again
Don’t worry, nobody gotta know
I don’t wanna go too far,
but you’re making me tempted
I have so much desire to put my hands on you
It’s just the way you are
When I see a picture of you
all is focused
They say our love is so toxic
But they don’t know what happens when I touch you
I wanna do it again
Again, I wanna feel you riding on top of me
With you, it’s always a good time
I won’t lie to you
  • ‘:

    replacing "is" that is not sung (and is therefore omitted) but should be there (She is always getting)

  • ':

    stands for the unsung (and therefore omitted) "is" (she is)

  • you different:

    in proper English, it should be "you are different". the "are" is not sung, and is therefore omitted here

  • you’:

    omission of the "are", like above

  • run’:

    in proper English, it should be "you, running around". the ending of the verb is omitted here, as it is not sung (at least, I couldn't hear it)

  • nobody gotta know:

    in proper English, it would be "nobody has got to know" or "nobody's gotta know"

  • ‘coz:

    contraction of "because"

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Submitter's comments:

Note : Ceci est une reprise en anglais de "La Curiosidad" par Jay Wheeler (ft. Myke Towers).
La mise en page reflète le rythme du texte.

Note:This is Ralph Larenzo's cover of "La Curiosidad" by Jay Wheeler ft. Myke Towers.
Text formatting meant to mirror singing style and rhythm

Ceci est ma propre transcription. Tout commentaire et toute relecture sont les bienvenus (:
Merci de laisser un commentaire pour mettre en avant toute erreur détectée dans les paroles publiées ci-dessus ou pour émettre des suggestions.
Merci à [@dhani.ramirez] pour sa relecture et ses suggestions.

Own Transcription. All proofreading, suggestions, and comments welcome!
Please, feel free to add any comment correcting the lyrics posted above.
Special thanks to [@dhani.ramirez] for their proofreading and corrections.

Added in reply to request by dhani.ramirezdhani.ramirez


dhani.ramirezdhani.ramirez    Sat, 15/08/2020 - 05:52

** she an art piece
** Your gaze doesn't lie
** Running around my mind

** I have so much desire to put my hands on you
** When I see a picture of you all is focused


Torpedo23Torpedo23    Sun, 16/08/2020 - 04:59

Thank you for these corrections, Dhani!
Modifications made (:

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