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And Tonight, pain is working for you,
and till I'm imagining you next to me,
I can do the ''long jump'' because of happiness.
But when I open my swollen eyes,
nothing is in my power,
reality hits me in the head like a mallet.
Like a relapse you are always alive,
In harm you are pushing me,how can I reject you?
In this chaos, I'm adding zero
for my each fail
you...chortle and enjoy!
In this chaos,I'm putting
lip gloss only for myself,
me to be beautiful for the end,
to be beautiful for the end...
And Tonight, pain is working for you
desperately I want you for myself,
somehow you have my code of destiny...
But when I look in this white walls,
from my memories ''arrows'' are coming,
and one white hand is falling on the floor...
I want to see myself in blue
in the distance is the same port for everyone,
and now I know that I am on the right place,
finally to relieve myself...
And who will take everything
once when I am not here
everything will fit in only one letter,
but I am letting yourself to you...
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